I think that my best apps are the ones I create in order to fulfill my own needs. PhotoKiosk is one of them – I wanted a nice way to view and discover photos. I set it to view the Flickr public feed, Utata Pool, my own feed, plus a variety of tags. It’s cool!

I recently saw new toy prototypes for the next Batman movie, beautiful snowscapes from around the world, and even a ladies’ roller derby team party. It’s also cool watching what people tag as “iPad”. It’s usually a drawing created on the iPad, but sometimes it is children using the device or a new case. I saw a sort of stick on peel off case that created a form-fitted protective cover around the iPad.

I updated PhotoKiosk, so check out the Lite and paid versions in the App Store.

Here’s the Feed list I use on mine:

  • public feed
  • Utata Pool
  • wildlife (tag)
  • tiger
  • guitar
  • toys
  • iPad
  • batman
  • snow
  • landscape
  • funny
What’s your feed?

2 Responses to “How I use PhotoKiosk”

  • I have forgotten my password can’t see that you have a link to change it?

    • Matt says:

      Hi Vicky,

      Unfortunately, the only way to bypass the password is to reinstall the app. If you have the paid version, it will re-install at no cost, but you’ll have to again setup your feeds.

      Note that I have an update coming – it’s in the app store now awaiting review.

      I’ll add a bypass for the password – likely by entering your iPad/iPhone WiFi MAC address, but that will be in a future release.

      – Matt H

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