I’ve finally removed the BlackBeltVB.com website, but kept the domain name. You can download all the examples here.


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  • mustafa salah says:

    You have to be proud of http://www.blackbeltvb.com. It was my inspiration and shelter for so long period of time. Really I learned so much from this website when I was developing using VB6.

  • Hey Matt –

    Thanks for all the goodness over the years. Your examples have helped a ton of people!

    I’ve recently started down the path of building an archive of VB6 code, and was wondering if I could included your BlackBeltVB code examples in the library?

    With attribution to you, of course.

    Further, there is no charge for inclusion in the archive, nor for users to access the resources within. I’m just doing my part to help the community.


  • Tony4219 says:

    Thanks for the archives, and good luck going forward.

    I was just perusing your old color picker VB app sample that had referenced http://blackbeltvb.com/rgbpick.htm.

    VB5 still can be installed on Win10, as 40poundhead will attest (well, VB6 anyway). I never did upgrade to VB6 from VB5, so when I have the urge to program a change into any old apps, there it is. I tried the ‘free’ Visual Basic/Studio 2008 some time back and got turned off because the executables that were created could only work on ONE machine.

    I still have to refer to examples, as the mind wanders …

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