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 Thought I’d take a second to recommend – a cloud service to load test an application or API. I found it via NovaNet after a quick Google search. (Note – I’m hoping for some free extra credits at Blitz indicates they’ll give if you blog about them.)

But hey, I might have blogged anyway – it’s VERY cool. I was able to immediately test my API and get a response time and likely capacity.

So I signed up, then ran a few more tests. I modified my app slightly to accept recognition that it was being hit by a load test, so that PUT data to my REST API would go into development database rather than my production DB. It took maybe a minute or two to update, and BAM – I could run a quick (free) load test of 10 users for 6 seconds.

Neat. I’m waiting for a company response to see if we have a load test mechanism. If not, I’m going to let our enterprise operations team know I’m going to load test, get a good time to run it, and just nail the server and see how it does.

I remember writing my own load testing application back in the day, and now I’m happy to highly recommend – it’s an Easy button.